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Makeup for Teens Made Easier

If your teen is already bugging you to buy makeup for her use, it’s high time that you should also educate her to its proper usage. Using makeup can cause changes in the skin especially for teenagers who are still undergoing puberty. Acnes, dark spots and irritation may occur when they aren’t careful with make-up choices. Here are several things that should make makeup easier and safer for your teen.

Start Light

As a teenager, your skin is still undergoing changes and may be more sensitive than usual. As such, it is important that when applying make-up, you should stick to a lighter application especially when you intend to apply so on a daily basis. Heavy make-up should only be reserved for special events and occasion. You can start by applying sunscreen and BB cream instead of foundation and lip tints or lip balms instead of using lipsticks. 

Choose the Right Shades

For teenagers, less is more. There is nothing wrong with applying make-up even while you’re still young for as long as the shades are appropriate. When going to school, avoid heavy colors such as red and violet. Instead, choose colors with a pinkish tone or a nude hue. This makes you look more natural and refreshingly appropriate with your age. 

Create an Evening Skin Care Routine

In the make-up industry, it is a golden rule that no should go to sleep with makeup on. Sleeping without removing your makeup may clog your pores during the night, blocking its ability to repair and rejuvenate. This is a common cause of pimples and acne that will eventually lead to dark spots. That is why before you start buying makeup, make sure your teen already has a habit of doing a skincare routine which now includes make-up removal.

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